UpRead - Import troubleshooting

UpRead - Import troubleshooting

Please make sure you read the importing content guide before continuing.
Here’s a list of common issues when importing content

The UpRead icon is not available in the share extension

Make sure you enabled the UpRead share extension first. See how to do that in the importing content guide. Check that it is enabled by sharing something from Safari.

If UpRead doesn’t show up in the share extension of a specific app, we may not be able to support it. A good workaround is to open the content in Safari first and then import from there. Another option is to select the text and then share it to UpRead, if that’s allowed by the app.

Content from a web article is not fetched correctly

UpRead works great with Safari, so the first thing to try is to open the article with it and import from there. Another option is to open and fetch the original version of the article from within UpRead:

  1. From the reading view, open the menu (top right corner)
  2. Select “Show original”
  3. From there tap the download icon in the top right corner.
  4. Tap the banner to fetch the content again

This may still not work for some media outlets. The web is huge and supporting it all is not plausible, but we can do our best to support as many sites as possible. You can report a url that doesn't work with this short form

Text in a PDF file is not imported at all

UpRead extracts only digital text content from a pdf file. If your pdf file is the scanned version of a document, that is not text for UpRead, it is an image and the app won’t be able to process it. Make sure the pdf files you import contain “text” and not “images of text”.

Extracting text from an image is possible by using specific apps or software. UpRead will not do it anytime soon: we prefer to get the core stuff right instead of doing too much poorly. I hope you understand.

Importing a very big file is failing

We tested UpRead with files up to 1000 pages, with and without chapters. The pdf format is a bit tricky and sometimes UpRead may go nuts and fail. If you face this issue, consider splitting and saving your pdf file in smaller pieces.

I cannot import .mobi, .epub or iBooks into UpRead

There's a bunch of different formats out there and we prefer not tackling them all. UpRead fully supports only txt and pdf files. I'd recommend using Calibre (it's free) for converting your file to txt or pdf and import it. 

I could not solve the issue

Feel free to fill a bug report, a feature request or send me any feedback with this short form. If you still need help, you can send me an email, I normally answer within a week :)
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